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You can call Kirby Auto Parts to get the help you need; whether you're stranded in the middle of a storm or simply out of gas. We offer complete roadside assistance 24/7; even if that means towing you back into town. Enclosed trailers and long-distance tows are also available. Contact the area's largest towing service today.

Convenient 24/7 towing services

•  Local and long distance

•  Light- and heavy-duty towing

•  Recovery services

•  Private tow-away zones

•  All road service

•  Flats

•  Jumpstarts

•  Lockouts

Visit us at 28 Marriott St.

Kirby Auto Parts is competitively priced, and we always offer a FREE estimate for towing.

"My son was stranded on a highway during a snow storm. I had the good fortune to find Kirby, who sent out a truck right away... his efforts were nothing short of heroic as the temps were below zero."

-A Google user

We have a variety of trucks, including sub-compacts and heavy-duty models. We can handle all of your heavy-duty towing jobs, from accidents to jump starts.


Get your loved ones home safely with 24/7 towing